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Raw food experience and enjoyment seminar for parents and children

09.08.2019 - 19:00 - 11.08.2019 - 17:30


Spoil the whole family with healthy raw food!

In this interesting seminar, you will receive raw food delicacies, extensive knowledge of raw food and gourmet cuisine. 
Vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs form the basis of raw food. This natural form of nutrition creates very good conditions for stimulating the self-healing powers and regeneration of the body. Did you know that raw food leads to significant improvements in health?

Raw food preserves the full nutritional value and unique energy of the food. With raw food you stay fit and healthy. 
In this intensive seminar you will learn why a raw-delicious diet for children is the ideal diet to prevent certain diseases from even forming.

This seminar is mainly aimed at fathers and mothers with children who would like to learn to prepare raw meals together.

Our program:

  • Introduction to raw food and gourmet cuisine with emphasis on raw food for infants and children
  • Explanation of the required aids and learning of the preparation techniques of raw food dishes
  • Common raw food preparation
  • Joint tasting of the prepared delicacies

We’ll also give you tips on what to look for when shopping, where to buy special products, and how to make the best transition from the current fare to raw food. 
Raw food does not mean abandonment or lack, but pleasure, pleasure and health! 
We will show you how to prepare raw dishes, eg. You can cook raw food bread, raw chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, cheese, smoothies and many other delicacies with little effort.

Come along and learn how to turn your kitchen into a raw food paradise for you and your family!


The raw food experience and enjoyment seminar for parents and children take place from 09. – 11.08.2019  in the seminar house Quelle of Kraft .

Schönbüchstraße 24, 77887 Sasbachwalden

Friday 19 – 21 clock 
Saturday 10:30 – 17 clock 
Sunday 11:30 – 17:30 clock


The price for the 3-day seminar is € 290 for individual registrations plus € 32 cost flat rate for the highest quality organic food and wild fruits.

If you sign up with your family:

  • 1st person 290 €
  • 2nd person 90 € so 200 € discount
  • per person 32 € for food
  • Children only pay for the food: 16 € per meal


The overnight stay is not included in the seminar price.

On request, it is possible to stay overnight in the seminar house Quelle der Kraft . In the closer environment, there are also further overnight accommodations.


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